Ubisoft-France uses a three-story Enzio to end a "war" with a local French bank.

Back in May, a female staff member at Ubisoft France's office took a number of yellow post-it notes and made a Space Invader on her window. Across the street, a staff member at BNP Paribas(a local French bank) saw it and "fired back" by making one of his own. Then she made another, and he made another in response. And thus the great Ubisoft-BNP Paribas post-it war of 2011. Soon the French media caught wind of the war and began day-to-day coverage of the clash between the two companies.

Ubisoft-France noted that the war was going on for so long they needed to bring a stop to it. They thought they would run out of windows soon and needed to find a way to coup-de-grace BNP Paribas. On August 19th, 2011 they ended the struggling war with the most accurately madeEnzio from Assassin's Creed made entire of different colored post-it notes.

Many post it notes gave their lives in this struggling war, but there could be only one victor in the end. Now Ubisoft can get back to making another installment in Raving Rabbids so we can all laugh this war behind us.