PS4 & Xbox 720 Rumors

Nothing is solid news when it comes to new popular electronics releases, and it's no difference for the PS4 and Xbox 720. However, official news on both the incoming next-gen consoles is so sparse that almost any news is believable, and that could be why a supposed developer that has apparently come into contact with both the new consoles has created quite a stir on Reddit.

If any of the supplied information is true, the new consoles may be able to pack quite a punch. Unfortunately only details of hardware have been given, and OS information has not been included.

Both the PS4 and Xbox 360 will be better optimized to play ports from older generation consoles, and may even have the ability to play games ported over from the PC or Steambox. Both the consoles have been described to have a strong functional multi-core CPU by AMD that will allow for really quiet play whilst the console is doing small tasks like playing a movie, and will still be able to get into high gear when intensive games are being played.

The Reddit post said that the consoles will have a GPU capable of playing Battlefiled 3 on 1080p at 60fps, not top of the range, but it's certainly a great improvement from the current offering from today's consoles.

The developer also said that the next PlayStation, nicknamed the Orbis is planning for a release very soon, and that the new Xbox 'Durango' will be unveiled at E3 this year.

Do you think this information is real? Until the announcement of the consoles, there's no true way to know.