Upcoming Titles For The PlayStation 5

If you have already made the switch from the PlayStation 4, or any other gaming console, to the PlayStation 5, then you would be eager to learn about all of the wonderful games you will be able to play on its ultra-powerful GPU, faster storage and processing speed. There are many exciting titles that are coming your way, so let’s check out some of them.


If you are a FIFA aficionado, then you would be delighted to know that its latest installment is right around the corner. In fact, while you read this, you may even see it pop up on your PlayStation 5 home screen. Although we don’t need to tell you what this year’s game will bring, one of the key features of FIFA 22 will be its HyperMotion Technology, which is developed by Electronic Arts and will bring more fluidity to the game. This means that FIFA 22 will be a step up from the previous installment.

Far Cry 6

Another popular franchise that will be releasing its latest installment is the Far Cry series by Ubisoft, which is going to release Far Cry 6 on the PlayStation 5 on October 7. Although the game was going to release on February 18, it was pushed forward by a few months. Ubisoft released the gameplay reveal on May 28, and it shows an entirely different landscape from the fifth installment of the franchise. It has a tropical paradise setting called Yara that is controlled by a dictator. Players will play the role of Dani and fight to end the dictatorship.

Call of Duty: Vanguard

Every year, millions of gamers wait for the next installment of the Call of Duty series, and this year Vanguard is going to satisfy their desire of becoming a soldier. This year’s installment revisits the World War II setting, which is similar to Call of Duty: WW2, which was also developed by Sledgehammer Games. The game’s trailers and first look were revealed back in August and since then, gamers can’t wait for the game to finally release, which will finally happen in November this year. Apart from its superb single-player campaign, fans are also eagerly awaiting its multiplayer modes.

Battlefield 2042

Another exciting title that you would want to get your hands on is Battlefield 2042, which is the sixth installment of the Battlefield franchise by Electronic Arts. People who love this game only have to wait a few more weeks to get their hands on it, since it will be released sometime in the middle of November. Battlefield 2042 is built on the Frostbite engine and will feature exciting 128-player maps as well. Apart from this, it will also feature new weapons, gadgets, and multiplayer modes.

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker

Last but not least, we have Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker, which is set to release on the PS5 in November 2021. Earlier, the 14th installment of the hit series has been expanded and relaunched quite a few times in the past decade, but Endwalker will tie up all of the loose ends and cliffhangers left by A Realm Reborn, Shadowbringers, and other versions.

This wraps up our article on the best upcoming titles for the PlayStation 5. These are several other wonderful games heading your way before the year wraps up, so all you need to do is to get your DualSense controller charged, because you are going to have a lot of gaming sessions with your friends, as well as alone.