Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge - Joke or Reality?

If you are a true gamer or know someone who is, you would notice that their rooms are decked out with everything that they need to make their gaming experience a delightful one. Their gaming setup would include ambient lighting, a gaming chair, a high-definition display, a gaming console or gaming PC, and much more. Some would also have a mini-fridge in their room so that they don’t have to leave their stations for anything at all.

Speaking of mini-fridges, you must have come across the Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge meme if you follow gaming channels and groups on social media. It has caused quite an uproar, especially since Microsoft announced that it will make the meme a reality. Let’s talk about how the story unfolded.

How it Started

If you are a console gamer, you would be aware of the plethora of memes in which people make fun of the design of the Xbox Series X, which is Microsoft’s latest offering. The design of this console was made fun to the extent that Microsoft responded with a picture where it compares the size of the boxy Series X with an actual mini-fridge. Even so, this console is taller and larger than any of the consoles ever produced.

Some people also compared the console with other things, like a trash can, skyscraper, and even a bazooka. But the mini-fridge reference was the one that stuck with gamers and members alike.

What did Microsoft do?

It seems that Microsoft takes tweets and memes quite seriously since it decided to convert the mini-fridge memes into reality. At the start of the year, Twitter introduced its #BestOfTweets Brand Bracket, where the Xbox Mini Fridge meme was pitted against a meme from Skittles. The marketing chief of Xbox, Aaron Greenberg, promised fans that they would start working on the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge if they won the competition.

This promise convinced fans to put Xbox over the edge in the tweet battle. At the close of its E3 2021 event in June, Microsoft announced that it is going to design and release the world’s most powerful mini-fridge in the upcoming holiday season. Right after the event, the World Premiere of the Xbox Mini Fridge was released on YouTube.

According to the YouTube video, the Xbox Mini Fridge is shaped just like the Series X console and features the Xbox logo on the top left corner. Upon opening the door, a flash of light and an Xbox green-themed interior catches the eye, with a storage space of 10 cans of any beverage. Plus, the mini-fridge is touted to have the “Xbox Velocity Cooling Architecture”, which may be something Microsoft has developed in tandem with a refrigeration and cooling company.

So, that is all you need to know about the Xbox Mini Fridge which, as you know, is fast becoming a reality now. Therefore, if you are a diehard Xbox fan, just wait and watch as Microsoft unveils the first-ever mini-fridge by a gaming and tech company.