Apparently, driving video game players are quicker to and better at passing their licenses to get on the road, and then worse (and more terrifying) at absolutely everything else that involves handling a car. According to a study held by Continental Tyres, gamers are the most overconfident drivers out there, with marginal skills to support their self-belief.

Continental Tyres polled 1,000 gamers and 1,000 non-gamers between the ages of 17 and 30 about their driving habits. Results found that gamers are more likely to crash, be pulled over by a cop, hit things while parking, clip other cars and leave, run red lights (which, my bad, I accidentally did yesterdayguess I support the facts!), and exhibit road rage, among other things.

Most interestingly, the study showed that the gamers got their licenses quicker than the non-gamers, averaging 2 attempts at the licensing exam to the non-gamers 3 tries. This shows the gamers dont necessarily lack in skill, as Continental Tyres safety expert Tim Bailey stated that the driving games improves concentration levels and reaction times. However, the gamers, perhaps due to being so used to wild driving since young ages, take more risks, possibly due to the lack of real consequences in games, said Bailey.

Amount played also decreases driving abilities, as gamers who play more than 8 hours a day are three times more likely to get in an accident than gamers who play less than an hour.

Heres a nifty chart from Continental Tyres to sum it up….

Be careful on the road, gamers! Leave your crazy antics for GTA and Mario Kart!

Source: Kotaku