Volition Not Scared

Without taking a look into either game, it's easy to stick them under the same tree. They are both open world games, following a similar set of game mechanics that are used to place the protagonist, or protagonists, into a world of crime. However, Volition is sure that Grand Theft Auto 5 won't make a bad impact on sales for SR4 compared to previous Saints Row games because they are 'entirely different games.'

John Boone, senior producer has said his thoughts on the differences between the game, "A crude example that I always think of is that, if I could compare a Modern Warfare game to Dead Space, sure, it's in the same genre of being a shooter but the style is so different. And I kind of feel like we're in that phase now with open world. Early on there was GTA and practically nothing else; Saints Row was one of the very first ones to come out in addition to that. And now I think there are enough different styles within the genre that it's maybe not as threatening anymore."

His example is a little wild to say the least, but it's easy to see Boone's point of view. Where GTA 5 is quite a serious game, Saints Row 4 is filled with more comedic elements, and it seems Volition has worked hard to set their differences between SR4 and the next Grand Theft Auto.

Saint's Row 4 may do reasonably well, but even John Boone himself has admitted that upon its release, Grand Theft Auto 5 will be at the top of the market by far.

"There's no doubt, GTA 5's going to go out and do what it does, but I think we've differentiated ourselves enough that at least we present something that's quite a different experience to what they're doing."

Both games will give a different experience, but it'll be hard to tell that to a strong Grand Theft Auto fan.

What game will you enjoy the most out of the two? Or are you taking a more neutral approach?