Skyrim 1.9 Patch

Skyrim is a big game, but because of the vastness of the content within the game, it can be hard to make sure all of the game is perfect before release, and Bethesda has been working hard to fix any bugs or glitches that ruin the gameplay experience since the launch of the title back in 2011.

Although some are just fixes to improve performance, the total 79 fixes include bugs and glitches that give players advantages over the game.

One in particular is the Oghma Infinitum glitch that is possible to exploit after completing the Discerning the Transmudane quest, which got your character exploring the land to collect the blood of various different species across the world, and give to Septimus Signus.

Upon completion, players would be rewarded a book that could be read and activated to unlock a path that would give +5 in three different skills and then vanish.

As you may have imagined, the exploit allowed players to use the book over and over again to boost skills all of the way to level 100.

Although the main consensus behind Bethesda's change was to keep the game playing as it should do, a lot of players are angry at Bethesda removing the exploit.

What are your opinions on the removal of this bug? Do you think using glitches like this is okay in singleplayer games and that they should be left in the game? Check out our custom Xbox 360 controllers in our Controller Creator!