walker assault buffs

If you played much of the Battlefront beta you will know straight away that the Walker Assault mode was almost impossible for the Rebels. In fact, seeing a Rebel victory was so far and few between that it made us wonder how exactly they did it in the movies. Perhaps it was to do with Luke Skywalker being more of an asset, or maybe because the T-47 airspeeder pilots were more skilled at pulling down AT-ATs than your normal everyday gamer.

Either way, the Walker Assault game mode has been adjusted slightly so that Rebels now have an easier time on the battlefield. It's not going to be a one-sided affair for the Rebels, but winning a battle on either side should now be just as easy as the other. Some more balancing may need to be done before we start to see a 50/50 win ratio for both sides though.

The changes made to Walker Assault have only been made to the walkers. Before, when a walker was open to attack, the entire Rebel team had to unload bullets into the walker for them to stand a chance at winning, and even then it was a slim chance. Battlefront designer Jamie Keen made some comments on what has changed.

“We have changed how the Walkers work," Keen explained. "We've got weak points on them now, so it's not a question of turning them into a bullet sponge. There have been general balancing tweaks like the damage levels from various weapons, different ion bursts and what they do to the walkers. It's not one specific area, it's across the board."