new driveclub plans

New plans have been announced for Driveclub, including plans for a new update for release in December

Currently, Driveclub Bikes is the latest content for Driveclub - this is a standalone DLC pack that contains bikes in the world of DriveClub. Unlike other DLC, DriveClub Bikes can be picked up and played without players owning the base DriveClub game.

Now for the new upcoming content. Firstly, the new update coming to Driveclub in December will add some new content to the game. It's likely that the December update will include a number of new features but as it currently stands we only know that the December patch will include tyre deformation for all cars. This should mean that cars in endurance races will become harder to control as the race goes on. This should definitely make pit stops a possible game mechanic.

Interestingly, the next update after the one in December is going to bring most fans more excitement and that is because 2016 will include updates that add new tracks to DriveClub. A date for the 2016 tracks has not been given yet and we don't know exactly how many new tracks will be added.

Hopefully we will hear more about the new DriveClub tracks shortly. In the meantime, fans of the series can pick up DriveClub Bikes for $15 if they already own the base game. If players do not have the base version of DriveClub they will need to shell out an extra $5 for DriveClub Bikes, on top of the base $15.