Victor Reznov's Voice Actor Appears on Conan and Talks about Call of Duty

Gary Oldman. You may know him as Commissioner Gordon in Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and in this summer's Dark Knight Rises or maybe you know him as Sirius Black in Harry Potter. However, many gamers know him as the voice of Victor Reznov in the Call of Duty series. Well known for his voice acting work in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Well thanks to this article and video on Joystiq, it seems there are a lot of gamers on Conan O'Brien's staff and Conan might be a huge gamer when he's off the air. The subject of Oldman's voice acting was one of the main focuses of his interview on Conan. While the late-night talkshow host could have mostly talked about his upcoming returning role of Commissioner Gordon, Conan asked Oldman to talk about his role of Victor Reznov. Oldman agreed and delighted everyone with a few intense lines and what it was like to be a voice actor in a video game like Call of Duty especially with Kiether Sutherland (who played Sgt. Roebuck in WaW).