Next Gen Console Predictions

There's been a lot of talk about the two next generation consoles, the PS4 and the Xbox "Durango," but so far there hasn't really been any roundup or analyzing of what the new consoles will bring, and how games will be responded to by the gaming communities.

Below is a list of what I believe to follow in the next two to three years, however these are just speculations, so it could be right, but it could be wrong.

The PS4 Brings in More Hardcore Gamers

We all already know the PS4 will be packing more raw power than the next Xbox, and because of this the Xbox may have trouble competing with the PlayStation 4, especially in 6-10 years' time. Developers may favor the PS4 over the Xbox because of the extra hardware capabilities, allowing them more freedom for their games. Because of this, Microsoft may focus the new Xbox towards a more casual market, which will eat into the sales of the spectacularly unsuccessful Wii U. Along with the Kinect 2.0, the Xbox has the ability to appeal to the casual gamers with ease.

Battlefield will take the FPS Crown

Everyone loves a good first-person shooter game, but if you've been in the loop recently, you may be starting to get the jist that a lot of gamers are getting a little tired of the constant slew of FPS games with little change. It's true that gamers are usually happy with playing with the same concepts for a long time, but unless the COD and Halo developers come up with good ways to make better use of the next gen hardware, they will fall behind. The Battlefield engine is perfect for the next generation. Destructible scenery and up to 64 player multiplayer should be a huge appeal to players when other levels on Battlefield's competition keep to rigid and static structures.

Ouya and Steambox won't be considered competition

The only reason you'd buy either of the above would be if you're an Android fan or a Valve fan, or you have enough money to "try it out." Both consoles will have the ability to change and renew hardware just like you can with a PC, but with the Android ecosystem not having enough games to appeal to mainstream gamers, and the Steambox to be an undefined, unknown brand to most everyday gamers, they'll both most likely be considered separate from the main console war, even if they did gain a considerable amount of success. In three to four years, when new hardware comes out at a decent price, both consoles may have a chance to kick ass though, thanks to the handy removable hardware.

Both Consoles will Make Good Use of Mobile devices

Smartphones are a huge part of everyday life, and because of this, businesses in the media are seeing the potential and are creating apps to allow users to access more of what they love via their smartphone. Social TV apps are available to give smartphone users more information on their TV shows, and Xbox has already created an app that lets users remotely control their console via a smart device. The next gen consoles will definitely make use of this capability, and it'll be much more convenient than the current offering. Gamers will want to use their smartphones for the functionality instead of silly reasons like trying to impress their friends.

A lot more will come from the next-gen consoles, and at such an early stage it's hard to predict much else, however you can still stitch together a few possible outcomes from rumors, developer talks and other information spread through media channels.

What do you think will happen in the first few years of the next-gen console's lifespan? What do you think about out newest modded controllers?