Borderlands 2 Sixth Class

After the world's terrible reception of Gearbox Software's most recent game, Aliens: Colonials Marines, the Randy Pitchford led developer team may have lost quite a large chunk of their fanbase. Players are already getting a bit tired of waiting for the level cap raise in Borderlands 2, and most players have most likely moved to other games.

That hasn't stopped the Borderlands team from pushing out more content though, and according to Randy Pitchford when asked on twitter about a possible new class, it was definite yes that they were "working on it."

There have been a few other instances of extra content being mentioned via twitter, and along with the confirmed level cap raise, Randy's answer has always been a strict yes, and that they were working on the content.

No answers to how long it will actually take for the new features to be added have been given though, so it could be any time from now to the not too distant future.

Gearbox better hurry up though, because it seems their fanbase is getting a little frustrated and bored of waiting for more opportunities to explore within the loot based RPG.

If the new class is added, a total of six classes will be available to play, and just like the mechromancer class, the sixth one will probably be available as downloadable content for a certain amount of Microsoft points or the PSN stores equivalent.

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