Sony Explains the Delayed Launch of the Vita.

If you read here on Kotaku or or here (provided you read Japanese), Sony was to release the Playstation Vita in Japan on December 3rd. Unfortunately, Sony has delayed the released of the portable gaming console by two weeks, December 17th. Which also could mean their European and North American releases could be delayed as well.

The reason why for the release was explained by Hiroshi Kawano, the head of Sony Computer Entertainment, in a recent interview with Famitsu (a Japanese gaming magazine).Kawano revealed that Sony had planned to launch the Vita on Dec. 3, but moved it back in order to have more units at launch. So it wasn't what people were thinking (a software delay or a hardware malfunction), it was simply a number of units available for release day.

So if you are in Japan and wanting to pick one of these bad boys up, I guess two weeks to wait isn't that bad of a wait for a portable Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.