Worlds BestBattlefield 3 Players to Fight for $1.6 Million In Cash

If you think you're really good and have the skills to pay the bills, you probably could get a chunk of $1.6 million dollars. "How do I do this?" is likely what you are saying after reading that. Well it's simple. As Virgin Gaming is hosting a Battlefield 3 tournament where the top players will be snagging what they can from the $1.6 million money pot.

EA, DICE and Virgin are working together for a Battlefield 3 Worldwide Conquest Tournament(details can be found here) sometime in2012. Details are still a little vague at the moment. There has been no news about the when, where and how you might get paid. Also in addition, you'll have to sign up for Virgin Gaming if you're serious about competing.

So brush up your controllers, read everything you can aboutBattlefield and try to squeeze every available second you can out of any demos or betas EA releases to the public until you can get your hands on the actual game and then squeeze every free second on that.