Why You Should Pre-Order The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure Game

NIS America displayed a trailer for the Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure on June 10th, 2022 showcasing not only the story and release date but also announcing the launch of the limited edition pre-order bundle which you can place an order for. Not only do the pre-order bonuses include a carefully crafted and artful collector box, but there are also many other items, such as a one-of-a-kind hardcover art book which is quite an appealing option for game fans who are collectors as well. Let us explore the pre-order in more detail, highlighting the items present as part of the bonus and why you should pre-ordering the game's limited edition.

What Does the Limited Edition Contain?

Taking a closer look at the limited edition of the game, which was released along with the story trailer, it seems that it is a must-buy for all collectors who are fans of the game. As discussed earlier, the limited edition pre-order does contain a decorated collector box to house the game and other accompanying items, but that is simply the tip of the iceberg. In addition to the collector box, the Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure limited edition also contains a highly detailed art book, which holds great collector value and is in hardcover form. Furthermore, there are some display accessories that you will find especially delightful if you are a fan of the characters in the game, including a nicely done cloth poster that you can hang on your walls as memorabilia for the game and to showcase your love for the game to others. Besides the standard steel book and the actual game, the limited edition also includes a charming acrylic stand that features all of the recruits recently added to the game's latest installation.

Why You Should Pre-Order the Limited Edition

As discussed earlier, the game's pre-order edition contains many elements which add to collector value, with some additions like the art book displaying great potential to become a valuable collectible in the future due to its rarity in the market. Furthermore, the art book holds great significance for anyone who is a fan of the art style and graphics of the game. There are many reasons a gamer might be a fan of a game, one being the art style, which can be an interesting part of the game for enjoyers of art and this game. Speaking of enjoying different aspects of the game, certain collectors are also music enthusiasts, and including the entire soundtrack for Trails to Azure would pique the interests of such admirers of the game.


All in all, considering all of the items that come with the pre-order limited edition for The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure, it looks like quite the bargain for fans of the latest installation. Whether it is the art style or the soundtrack you admire, the pre-order will interest you.