Whilst Sony has promised that they will reveal the release date for the PlayStation 4 at this year's Gamescom, it looks as if we may not need to wait to find out from Sony themselves.

We'll probably see all kind of leaks and screw-ups from various retailers across the board before Gamescom, and Wal-Mart have already done just that.

On the PlayStation 4 pre-order page in the item description section it says that "The PS4 console will ship free on release date this November."

Another date on the same page says that the console will ship by 12/31/2012, but it's most likely this second date is simply a placeholder.

It looks as if a November release sounds likely - this allows for customers to purchase the consoles in time for Christmas, but just in time for Black Friday.

Many gamers have talked on different forums and blogs and a lot of them have the feeling that the console won't even make it to shelves by release because of such a high demand for the console. It's already incredibly hard to find a PlayStation 4 to pre-order, and even Gamestop has had to stop their pre-orders for their "unlimited supply" of consoles.

Do you think we'll actually see any PlayStation 4 consoles in stores on the launch day or will the latecomers have to wait even longer to get their hands on a console? We'll have to wait and see.