WWE 2K22 Review

WWE 2K22 is the latest installment in the long-running wrestling series, which has been a fan favorite for quite some time now. The game takes the classic game mechanics to a new level and tries to incorporate the classical wrestling mechanics with world-class graphics.

We don't think WWE 2K22 is entirely bug-free, but it has managed to come a long way from its initiation. Users are still facing many troubles in the game, which we'll line out in this comprehensive WWE 2K22 review.

WWE 2K22 Review: The Good Parts

WWE 2K22 has made some significant leaps in the game with this latest installment. It provides players with an immersive experience with the following features:


The gameplay has never been the only metric when determining a wrestling game, but the creators have truly outdone themselves with the WWE 2K22 installment. Visual Concepts has managed to find the perfect balance between simplified controls and a well-sorted advantage system, which can be a bit too challenging for some players.

The game has also eliminated most of the glitches and issues the games and provides an extensive Backstage Brawl experience to users. After an extended period, players find WWE 2K 22 one of the most exciting game experiences.

Vibrant Colors

It might sound childish, but the developers have pushed the game's visuals to a max. The game is full of color rendering, making the gameplay immersive and exciting. In addition, the next-generation consoles and the leading PC systems fully utilize the reds, blues, and greens on the screen to get a unique gaming experience.

World Class Creation Suite

Nothing feels better can creating your wrestler and letting them brawl with others on the list. However, the previous WWE installations had put the feature on a deathbed. The latest WWE 2K22 helped the game restore its glory with customizable options for player creation.

Not being able to create custom entrance themes may have received some negative feedback, but the persona template is a new addition that has genuinely won hearts. The feature also allows players to create and design arenas and experience the perfect wrestling matches like never before.

WWE 2K22 Review: The Bad Parts

The WWE 2K22 game still has some things that make it lesser desirable. Have a look.

Limited General Manager (GM) Mode

The GM Mode is one of the most popular franchise features, but for some reason, it was not as good in the latest release. However, there is a cap on the number of shows and matches you can play as a GM.

Artistic Issues

Graphics are one of the most vital areas in the WWE 2K22 game edition, but you will find issues with some of the models. For instance,

Unscanned characters showcase weird and inconsistent artistic results. Players have also noticed issues with the torso proportions around the armpit areas.

Final Verdict

Despite these minor flaws, WWE 2K22 is one of the best game releases. The game has revived the series and could unlock new possibilities for future players. The game took more than two years to develop, clearly visible in the well-polished results. The game engine is better and basic controls are tighter, making WWE 2K22 a leading game for players worldwide.