Rumor: an X-Box Handheld?

X-Box is without question the most popular video game console, especially now with their recent release of the X-Box Kinect. However, there is one console X-Box/Microsoft has yet to develop in which competitor's like Nintendo and Sony have already developed and released and that is a Hand-held device. So, Nintendo has released the hand-held device called the Nintendo DS and Sony has released the PSP, both are very popular in terms of portable gaming device. Microsoft has an idea for a hand-held console which will obtain the name of X-Box 180, meaning it is "half of 360." The portable device Microsoft has in mind will have a large and small screen panel, similar to the DS. Also, it will feature the same colored buttons of yellow, red, green, and blue; the same concept as a 360 controller. The release date or even the creation of the portable device is still up for debate, even more so since the new the 360 has been released. However, X-Box users would definitely love to take their X-box games on the road and in the palm of their hands.