Japanese video game retailers like Geo are no longer supporting the Xbox 360.

Japan has been somewhat of a taboo place for the Xbox 360 when it comes to sales. Despite the fact that around the world the Xbox 360 is just as common in a house as a toaster, the console never really found a standing in Japan. While there were top selling 360-only titles like the Dead Rising and Dead or Alive series, both Sony and Nintendo are crushing the gaijin (foreign) console. Statistically, in Japan, the Wii has sold 11.74 million units, the PS3 has sold 6.85 million, and the Xbox 360 has only sold 1.52 million units, a very low number when you put them together.

With this kind of news, it only gets worst for Microsoft. Reporting fromNext-gen.biz and in Yahoo news, Japans largest gaming store, Geo, has announced that it is phasing out the majority of its Xbox 360 items immediately and are liquidizing all console related software and hardware.

But there is no worry for fans of Microsoft, despite the Japanese numbers, the console is still going strong elsewhere. The roles are reversed with PS3 sales in the Americas being around 20 million but the 360 sales being around 33 million. The same goes for Europe as Sony is behind by a few 24.74 million Xbox 360 sales to 21.18 million PS3 sales.

While right now Xbox may continue to struggle in Japan, there is good news. Last month Microsoft's offices in Japan recently formed the Interactive Entertainment Business (IEB), which will focus exclusively on the Xbox 360 and its future. So despite all of the lost ground in the regional market, Microsoft doesn't seem to be showing any motions to give up. Likely they will probably focus on wowing Japan with any new hardware in the near future.