Call of Dutys dominance in the first-person shooter category has relied heavily upon their annual releases of new titles. Last years Call of Duty: Black Ops left video game fans in awe of the advanced game play, and stunning additions made to the title. Black Ops has served as a reigning force in the video game universe, and one can expect that this years Call of Duty release will cause the same amount of fervor.

Modern Warfare 3s release date is set for November 8, 2011; a mere two days shy of last years Black Ops release. In celebration of Black Ops success, Jeep dedicated a special edition of the Wrangler to the Call of Duty franchise. Once again, Jeep has decided to celebrate Modern Warfare 3 with an updated version that features MW3 branding throughout the vehicle.

As if the Call of Duty games do not draw enough attention to themselves already through their spectacular design, Jeep is helping to bring in a larger crowd to the Call of Duty phenomenon. The new CoD Jeep will not be much different from last years edition, but it does feature some design aspects that set it apart from ordinary Jeep Wranglers. Updated bumpers, a new hood, new wheels, and improved fog lighting are what set the Modern Warfare 3 Jeep Wrangler apart from the competition.

It mirrors the competitive classicism that the Call of Duty series has embraced and harbored. Last years model cost roughly $30,000, and one can expect to see the newest edition selling for approximately the same price. Setting the cost aside, the MW3 Jeep Wrangler denotes the successful enterprise of Call of Duty, and marks the excitement surrounding the newest addition to the series.

Come November, not only will you see kids making headlines in the online competitive gaming community, but you will see them flaunting their achievements in a MW3 Wrangler. Call of Duty Elite, Modern Warfare 3, and the new MW3 Jeep Wrangler all point to positive results in Call of Dutys future. Here at Evil, we cannot wait for the final unveiling of all their new products, and we will continue to keep you up to date on the CoD news feed.