xbox one backwards compatibility

Microsoft announced the backwards compatibility features of the Xbox One earlier in 2015 but it's taken a long time for the company to perfect the feature. This week, Microsoft announced that the patch that will include backwards compatibility for some Xbox 360 games will be released on November 12.

Although the backwards compatibility for Xbox One won't allow all Xbox 360 games to be compatible, if a developer or publisher of an Xbox 360 game gives Microsoft permission, it's likely that it will be added to the supported backwards compatible game library eventually.

Upon the release of the November 12 patch there will already be a large number of Xbox 360 games that players will be able to play on their Xbox One.

Below, a list of some of the currently announced games has been posted. This is only a small list, but it includes some of the more popular options.

+ Halo: Reach
+ Mass Effect
+ Perfect Dark Zero
+ Gears of War Series
+ Fable II and III
+ Borderlands
+ Viva Pinata
+ Burnout Paradise
+ BattleBlock Theater
+ Many Others...

On top of the backwards compatibility, a number of other changes will be made to the patch in November. One of the changes will include a user interface overhaul that will make the Xbox One interface look similar to the current Windows 10 app.

For all of the Xbox 360 owners out there - will you consider dropping the Xbox 360 once backwards compatibility comes to the Xbox One?