star wars battlefront ultimate edition

Like many other AAA titles, Star Wars Battlefront will be getting a number of different versions besides the base game. One of the special versions of Battlefront is the Ultimate Edition and it will set players back twice as much as the standard edition.

For $120, or $60 more than the base game, the Ultimate Edition of Star Wars Battlefront can be yours. But why would you want to spend this much on a copy of Battlefront? Of course, it all comes down to what's included inside.

Whilst you won't be getting a cool wrist device like you would in the similarly priced Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition, you're basically getting all of the digital content you can possible. That's right, the Ultimate Edition doesn't come with any cool physical Star Wars memorabilia.

Instead, you'll be given the base game, which is usually $60, the season pass, which is usually $50, and the content that comes in the deluxe edition, which is usually $70.

The deluxe edition of Battlefront includes the base game and some in-game exclusive items - this includes the Ion launcher and Han Solo's blaster. Apparently these items are going to be pretty high powered and unavailable for any other players.

If you decide to purchase the deluxe edition, you could still pick up the $50 season pass on top of it and you would be getting the exact same deal as the Ultimate Edition. The $120 price tag basically saves you the effort of adding both the deluxe edition and the season pass to your basket.