xbox one elite controller

Due to the reception of the Xbox One Elite controller exceeding Microsoft's original plans, the stock for the controller has mostly been wiped out across the globe. Currently Microsoft is working on manufacturing more Xbox One Elite Controllers to meet the unexpected demand, but for now Xbox owners are limited for choices if they'd like to get their hands on a controller.

According to Phil Spencer, Microsoft is working right now to get more stock for the $150 controller that has advanced features. Phil Spencer has taken to Twitter to apologize for it being so hard for gamers to find an Xbox Elite controller.

Unfortunately Xbox can't promise that they'll get more units out in time for Christmas. Phil mentioned that, "Demand has just exceeded our planning. If you find one [Elite controller] and you want it, pick it up, sorry."

One option for those looking to get an Xbox One Elite controller for Christmas is to pick up one of the various Elite console bundles that feature the controller inside. The Elite console does cost more than the standard console but it does have a larger hard drive as well. You may consider selling or trading in your current Xbox One for an Xbox One Elite console bundle as these seem to be in stock in most regions.

You may also want to check the stock of your local video game retailers and chain stores. It's likely that some local stores have managed to stock their shelves before the initial stock from Microsoft ran out.

You can find our own here: Xbox One Elite Controllers. None of our controllers ship without being fully tested.