Xbox One PS4 Stock

Despite Microsoft making claims that they have completely sold out of Xbox One consoles, just by visiting a few stores like Best Buy or Toys R Us will reveal that there are in fact many consoles still available for purchase right from the shelves.

We're not sure why Microsoft decided to say that all Xbox One consoles were sold out when it's clear that there are many still around for purchase, and although some retailers may have run out of stock, the Xbox One inventory is still pretty high.

Did Microsoft lie, or was it a silly mistake? At this point it’s hard to say but it's easy to assume that the former is the answer, however, let's not put too much focus on that and concentrate on the real problem.

Even though 1 million PlayStation 4 consoles were sold within 24 hours, it looks like Sony, unlike Microsoft, really have run out of stock, and according to GameStop, a lot of people are still waiting for their console to arrive.

GameStop have announced that 2.3 million of their customers have signed up to their "first to know" email subscription system, despite already selling through their first shipment of consoles and then a second additional allocation from Sony.

This is just news from one retailer, but it’s likely to be the same story almost everywhere else as well.

If you haven't managed to bag yourself a PlayStation 4 already, it' s unlikely at this point that you'll manage to get one till more go into production. If you're living outside of North America, you still have a chance to grab a console at launch.