xbox nuketown black ops 3

As it currently stands, it seems like players on the Xbox One are having trouble with some of the Black Ops 3 DLC that was released as pre-order bonuses to some players. Both the Nuketown map and the Giant Zombies DLC has been having issues and Microsoft has acknowledged that some players are having trouble with accessing their content.

"We understand some of you who purchased the Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Deluxe Edition are being prompted to repurchase a Season Pass for the game and can't access the NUK3TOWN and The Giant bonus maps. We want to assure you we're working to fix this as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience! We'll update you as soon as we know more."

Players who pre-purchased the Black Ops 3 Deluxe Edition were supposed to receive downloads for both Nuketown and Giant Zombies but those that have purchased this version on the Xbox One have come across a bug that asks users to re-purchase the season pass to unlock the content.

It is very important to note that players do not need to re-purchase the season pass to get the Nuketown and Giant Zombies DLC. Instead, players should be patient until a fix is resolved between Microsoft and Activision. Hopefully the issue will be fixed fairly soon - it seems very unfair to lock users out of content like this, but it is understandable considering that the problem was an unforeseen bug in the season pass system.

It seems that PlayStation 4 players with the Black Ops 3 Deluxe Edition have not come across the same issues as on the Xbox One, and not every Xbox One player has been affected.

Have you been affected by the Deluxe Edition DLC bug? Hopefully Microsoft will announce a fix to the problem very soon.