dayz xbox one

DayZ was originally planned for early access on the Xbox One at the end of 2015, but hiccups in the development process has pushed the Xbox One early access launch to 2016. If all goes to planned, hopefully the delay won't be that long - we are most likely looking at a quarter one release in 2016, although no date has been set in stone just yet and it is very possible that DayZ for the Xbox One could be delayed once again.

DayZ is also planned for the PlayStation 4, but no details of a release date for this have been given yet. If DayZ can’t get it’s way onto the PS4 in early access, then PS4 players may have to wait a while before the game comes out of early access and gets a full release.

Unlike early access on Steam, the early access on Xbox One offers players safer control over the games they play. The early access Xbox One program is called Xbox Game Preview, and once available later this year, will allow players to have a free trial of early access games before players can decide whether they'd like to purchase it or not.
Early access titles on the Xbox Game Preview will include Ark: Survival Evolved, Elite: Dangerous, The Long Dark and of course DayZ.

Will you be interested in trying out DayZ once it gets to the Xbox One? It had a lot of hype surrounding the PC release so it will be interesting to see how well it does on the Xbox and the PlayStation 4.