Does it come as a surprise to anybody that ZeRo has managed to bag another win at Super Smash Brothers 4 at this year's Big House event?

Last year, ZeRo managed to take a victory at Big House 5, with just a single loss and this year he followed a similar path.

To begin with, ZeRo didn't show the best of results - he dropped out of the winner's bracket to ANTi, who at the time was tearing through his opponents like never seen before.

In fact, ANTi beat VoiD, Mr. E, Komorikiri, and of course ZeRo in incredible fashion before securing his place in the grand finals.

After ZeRo dropped down to the loser's bracket, things started to ease up for him. ZeRo managed to outplay Tweek, Abadango, and Dabuz. In the Loser's finals, ZeRo took down Komorikiri in an impressive 3-1 battle.

This put ZeRo against ANTi once again - but this time, ANTi not only had the one game advantage but he also had shown his ability to pummel ZeRo to the ground confidently. ZeRo wasn't taking any of it and managed to destroy ANTi in the first game with a clean 3-0 scoreline. In the second game, ANTi deployed Charizard, Mario, and Cloud in each separate match, but ANTi still couldn't get a single win against ZeRo's impressive Diddy Kong skills.

ZeRo took the second game with a clean 3-0 scoreline once again, finally securing himself with the Big House 6 win.