$1 million Black Ops Tournament

eSports has started to boom in the last few years of gaming, and this year Call Of Duty Elite and Xbox are teaming up to bring one of the first COD $1 million cash prize tournaments. The tournament will consist of 32 teams from all over the globe and will take place in Hollywood, California from the April 5-April 7. Those interested in the tournament can register on the official Call of Duty Elite website, and take place in the qualifying contest.

Teams announced to be competing in the MLG 2013 Pro Circuit this March will have a chance to enter the Xbox COD tournament, and the top 8 teams will be abled entry into the contest. Eight winning teams from the ESL's European Finals taking place in March as well will be allowed entry into the Xbox COD tournament as well.

The remaining 16 teams will have a chance to gain entry into the Xbox COD tournament soon, with territory specific qualification details to be announced soon.

Interested in the tournament? Check out the website and gear yourself up with one of our Custom Controllers.