GTA V Next-Gen Release

According to Cowen and Company analyst, Doug Creutz, Grand Theft Auto may make it to next-gen consoles in some form or another. He thinks that GTA 5's delayed September release, along with next gen-console releases expected this year, the game and it's future DLC will be pushed into the next-gen console cycle.

"In and of itself, the delay of the game from FQ1 to FQ2 would not normally mean any significant change to expected FY14 financial results."

"However there is an issue in that we expect the next generation of Xbox and/or PlayStation consoles to launch in the December quarter. We think the closer proximity of GTA V to the next cycle could, at the margin, impact lifetime sales of the title, though we believe that a title of GTA's stature will still be a major seller regardless."

"We think there also could be some impact on the legs of likely GTA V downloadable content as the next-gen installed base increases through 2014. However, we suspect Take-Two may have plans to eventually publish GTA V on the next set of consoles in some form to offset this."

Personally I think that Grand Theft Auto 5 will stick to the current generation consoles, and I believe that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will still have 2-3 years of life in them before they are discontinued and developer support stops, similarly to the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox.


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