Dead Space Exploit

The game has barely been out, yet players have already found an exploit to get themselves unlimited resources without having to pay a dime for micro-transactions, and strangely enough, according to EA, this exploit was added 'on purpose.'

Near the end of chapter 8, players can visit a shack with a power generator. From here players can pick up a randomly spawned item. But if players leave the shack after picking up the spawned item, players can go straight back there and pick up a brand new randomly spawned item within seconds of picking up the last one.

This 'bug,' or exploit, allows players to gather all the resources they need, completely destroying the 'need' for the harshly criticized micro-transactions. EA seem to be fine with players using this exploit, and say they don't plan on creating a fix for it.

"The resource-earning mechanic in Dead Space 3 is not a glitch," an EA spokesperson told Gaming Blend. "We have no plans to issue a patch to change this aspect of the game. We encourage players to explore the game and discover the areas where resources respawn for free. We've deliberately designed Dead Space 3 to allow players to harvest resources by playing through the game. For those that wish to accumulate upgrades instantly, we have enabled an optional system for them to buy the resources at a minimal cost ($1-$3)."

What EA haven't considered is that this 'non-glitch' allows us to accumulate upgrades instantly without needing to buy the resources at a 'minimal cost.'

It's nice that there is an alternative to spending real life cash, however if you're as much as a fan of the series as me, then you'll leave exploits and purchasable resources alone. Progressing through the game legitimately makes it a much harder challenge, keeping the thrills of the game alive.

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