10 Games That Non-Gamers Would Enjoy

Convincing people that are slightly opposed to gaming can be difficult, but some games have a user-friendly and simple appeal that even non-gamers can enjoy. Here are ten of the best games that even non-gamers can find entertaining.

Monument Valley

Puzzle games can sometimes be frustrating for non-gamers. Nonetheless, this game's magnificent and appealing mazes draw the attention of both gamers and non-gamers. The inspiration for this game comes from the beauty of classical paintings, and the game also displays the magic of optical illusions for the players which make for entertaining challenges.


This game is very comfortable for non-gamers that find heavy combat, actions, and dialogue overwhelming. The game provides to swim around the deep blue ocean and explore some of the most beautiful landscapes under the sea.

Telltale Games

The telltale games is a complete library of games that include some of your favorite shows, movies, and comic books. Telltale provides users with brilliant interactive series games. For people that want to experience a taste of emotional investment towards video games, this is a great option.

Guitar Hero

For non-gamers that would rather invest their time in music rather than video games, guitar hero allows them to do both. This game is also great for people that are looking for unconventional ways to learn a guitar.  The game also allows a collection of different songs to pick from.

WII Sports

WII sports is a game that any person of any age can play. For non-gamers that have a difficult time adjusting to the dynamics of a controller, WII sports offers a life-life and alternative gaming experience that everyone can enjoy.

Just Dance

The just dance series is similar to the WII games as it requires people to get up and move their bodies. This can be very appealing for people that refrain from gaming because they believe that it promotes a sedentary lifestyle.

Brain Age

While you may think that video games are purely for entertainment purposes, the educational Brain Age series is a game that can have you think otherwise.  This Nintendo DS series takes inspiration from Japanese neuroscientists.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

There are few better games to drag non-gamers into the gaming lifestyle than Mario Kart. This classic and evergreen game has simple gameplay, along with irresistible color and charm. This game is their latest driving addition that has many otherworldly tracks.


This game is one of many matching puzzle games. It is the embodiment of the classic gaming era. It manages to attract both, gamers and non-gamers till today, with many slight renditions on the gameplay. However, the core mechanics have remained the same.  Despite the mundane tasks, the game stands as highly effective when it comes to attracting non-gamers.

The Sims

When it comes to providing avatars with the most intricate details and customization, there are few games better than the Sims. This life simulation game allows people to create their own lives and craft interactive and personal experiences.