Battlefield 2042 Review

The ultimate charm for Battlefield has always been chaotic gunfights. However, it has suffered from overcrowded lobby issues. The Battlefield 2042 game brings you back to the modern era. This time, it allows gamers to enjoy bigger battles. The game is available on both Xbox Series X and also PC. The game offers an all-out first-person shooter experience without any significant story campaign.

Hardcore fans of this game may be happier to play this game after certain things have been patched and. The foundation of the game is however very good. Currently, it is fair to say that the game has been subject to a few technical issues. None of which are expected to resolve in the future.


When you first play this game, you come across a quick intro that sets things up. You then jump into the battlefield world which depicts climate-related destructions and chaos. Right of the bat, gamers get a glimpse of cool jets visors, interfaces, and more. The game’s setup also displays futurist setbacks such as robot dogs can shoot and kill your character.

Many gamers that have played Battlefield 2024 have said that the game tends to go out of the way a bit with multiplayer combat and has an incredible amount of choice. You can access the all-out warfare tab which allows you to enter the big chaotic territory control game with plenty of other players.


The main game mode is Conquest, in which all the typical battlefield items are located. There are huge maps and many points to capture, along with several different vehicle options. You also have a hard zone, which allows you to hunt down different items and focus more on stealth-driven gameplay.

This mode is more objective-focused and smaller scale. It also comes with a persistent point system and consists of 32 players. It can also be occupied by AI-controlled forces. The levels can be very tense and challenging.

Another mode for this game is portal. This game mode is easier to play. In this mode, you get to experience the older battlefield modes in terms of map design and style. You can create your server and set rules according to your preference. Dice has emphasized how players can have autonomy towards how they want to play the game.


With the different modes, autonomy, freedom, it is clear that the developers and planners had the right idea in mind when setting up the foundation of the game.  Despite all the new integrations, gamers have had complaints about missing features that fans have known to love. Other issues are only a matter of personal opinion and technical issues that can be resolved. For example, the game does not have a scoreboard which many people are begging for. It is likely to come back, however. Other updates that many did not like were the changes to the classes.