343 Sends Specialization Codes

Just like they promised, 343 Industries has sent out codes that unlock all specializations in-game to players that played Halo 4 on or before November 20th. The codes were sent out via email and sent to the emails associated with each player's gamertag.

Once unlocked, the specializations still require you to reach Spartan Rank 50 before you can use them though, and if you didn't play before November 20th, or you are situated in Europe, the Middle East or Africa and didn't preorder, you won't have access to the extra specializations.

At first, 343 had a few issues sending out the emails, but Jessica Shea, community manager on Halo Waypoint, has said that all the emails should have been sent out, even if you hadn't asked to receive marketing emails from Xbox Live.

If you did play on or before November 20th and still haven't received an email, Jessica Shea advised players to contact @xboxsupport on twitter or look for help on the Xbox website to help resolve your problem.

If you didn't play on or before November 20th, or you're living in a region where this is not applicable, you'll have to purchase the specializations separately if you want to use them.

The two specializations Wetwork and Operator are freely available to everybody, but the other six specializations are not free, unless you have purchased the limited edition, pre-ordered in the above locations or played before November 20th. For most of us, one of the above probably relates to you, but when new players start playing in six months' time, they're going to have a hard experience playing against the Halo veterans who've access to all eight specializations.

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