Oddworld Returns

If you go back about 15 years in time, you'll be taken to a place where the concept of gaming was still quite new, and every new game was original in its own right. The PlayStation One was filled with games that widely differed between each other, and even with the limited hardware capabilities, some games had beautiful stories and a lengthy amount of gameplay available to enjoy.

Abe's Odyssey was one of those classics; the story was dark, but humorous, and the puzzles were extremely difficult to overcome, yet somewhat relaxing. Since then Oddworld have made other games, but none will ever compare to the beauty of Abe's Odyssey. And after EA acquired publishing rights of Oddworld's gaming, things started rolling downhill.

But after a few years of fighting, Oddworld are back and are ready to show their truest potential thanks to the polite and welcoming platform of digital gaming.

Although there is no definite information on any other releases by Oddworld, they have been working on something that loyal fans wouldn't want to miss. Oddworld have been remastering the original Abe game, and turning it into an HD beauty for digital purchase.

Obviously the main change is the huge difference in graphics. Everything has been reworked on and everything has been pushed to the highest standard of today's expectations. The game world is still side-scrolling, but everything has been remastered with 3D polygons instead of the original 2D ones from the original game.

On top of this, a big change is the difference in gameplay. Of course none of the core mechanics have been removed or changed around with, but if you can remember back to the original, one problem was going from room to room, and the game had to constantly load each scene as you entered it. With today's hardware capabilities, Oddworld have made it possible to play each level as one big scene that scrolls as you walk along.

The new remake has been subtitled New N' Tasty, and should be available for around $10 sometime in 2013.