A Wiimote Explodes Due to Parents Putting Lithium Batteries instead of Regular Alkaline Ones

Just recently, a Belleville, Michigan family came home to find their room full of smoke. However, it wasn't a fire that created the smoke, it was one of their Wii remotes. How? Well it exploded. Luckily nobody was hurt since they were out of the house while it happened. The only damage was the shrapnel flying through the room and damaging a few parts of the house.

So how did the Wii-mote explode? Well the family didn't know that in the manual for the Wii, Nintendo advises for its users to not use lithium batteries. Unfortunately the family didn't know and had installed some lithium batteries in their console's controller.

As you can see in the news report (via the Kotaku article), the local ABC news affiliate tries to spin it as a "Nintendo should take the blame and needs to do more" story while the mother says that parents need to read the instructions more often and know all the cautions one should take when dealing with their kid's toys.

Nintendo has offered to replace the family's damaged equipment at a discounted price.