AbleGamers is a nonprofit foundation that runs off of The story behind the company is heartwarming, but what the company has done since 2004 is what truly touches someones soul. They found a problem of the lack of help when it came to people with disabilities and gaming, and they created a solution of providing help for those in need. AbleGamers is hosing a Panel at PAX-E, which is a three-day tournament, free play, panel discussion and exhibit for tabletop, videogame, and PC gamers. ­­Its such a large conference and provides an array of amazing opportunities for AbleGamers. AbleGamers will be attending PAX-E as a team or people with disabilities, which means there will be many factors to take into consideration. They will be needing to rent a wheelchair accessible van, book an accessible hotel room, and have nursing care on call for everyone in their party. AbleGamers is asking for our help now, and it is a great part to give back to a foundation that has already given back so much to the gaming and disabled community. Their total costs are $3,012, and so far they have raised just over $1,000 so they are one third of the way there!!! To find out more about AbleGamers you can check our their website:

And to find out/donate to AbleGamers you can do so at: