Gears of War 3

Color is breaking through in the next Gears of War. The Gears of War series has been known for it's dull, but appropriate color schemes. Dark muddy grays and browns with the red of blood being the only color that truly ever stands out. Screenshots have been coming out steadily for awhile and will continue to do so until the mid-April release of the Gears of War 3 Beta when we will all have an opportunity to play the game ourselves.

While the main focus of the game and the gameplay itself will probably be more of the same. If it's not broken, what is there for Epic to fix? It appears as though the story may take a positive turn for a happy ending. The screen shots aren't echoing the same sense of claustrophobia and defeat as before, instead the colors scheme suggests a brighter outlook for the world and a possible solution to their Locust problem. Even the darker screen shots always have some white light lingering behind a character or enemy profile to suggest a light at the end of the tunnel.

With a Gears of War movie in the works and with an additional year of development time, Cliff Bleszinks will be launching the series' final installment with a bang. Unless Gears of War 3 disappoints, this series will take over most of 2011.

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