People at iD Software Really Love Breaking Bad (but then again, who doesn't like Breaking Bad?)

So, if you're like me, when I take a break from PC and console gaming, I like watching some of my favorite shows on basic cable. In my past blogs, I've told you of my favorite shows like The Walking Dead, House, and Gilmore Girls, but I never did mention one of my favorite shows that I'm catching up on, Breaking Bad on AMC.

Well, if you're a fan of the intense crime drama, you'll notice that iD Software (makers of games like Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein, and Rage) have been promoting Rage before and after the game's release (you can see one here, viewer discretion is advised). Well there's another one involving Tuco's teeth grills from season two that has found its way into Rage. That's kind of awesome for someone who's a fan of both the show and the game.

I really do wish more shows make more cameos into games and vice versa, let's just hope they don't over do it. I mean, what next? Miniaturefigurines of MW3's Makarov and Soap showing up on The Vampire Diaries?