Calibur11 has announced another new addition to their line of Vault console housing systems. The newest addition celebrates Battlefield 3s release, and is due to be for sale later this fall. In the past, Calibur11 has celebrated games such as Gears of War 3 with custom Vault systems, and their popularity is widely due to the unique design and protection their products offer gamers. The concept of the vault system is something that can benefit all Xbox 360 gamers, and the newest Battlefield 3 edition provides a unique way for gamers to celebrate the newest Battlefield release.

The vault system provides unique advantages that go well beyond an aesthetic enhancement of the Xbox 360 console. The housing unit protects from physical damage that defiles the integrity of the device, while providing a solid base that prevents the Xbox 360 from getting knocked over. All in all the advantages are undeniable, and it is a worthy investment for hardcore gamers.

The Battlefield 3 unit provides the same functional advantages as other Vaults, but increase the aesthetic appeal with a theme that is unique to the Battlefield game franchise. The unit features a claymore on the side, which as we all know, is a pertinent part of modern first-person shooter games. It also features a rugged design that adds to the nature of the Battlefield games, and lets your friends know that you mean business when you log on to the Xbox 360.

Additionally, the Battlefield 3 Vault can be outfitted with a decorative smoke grenade and a controller cradle, which add to the appeal of the unit. LED lighting also highlights the claymore and the unique design of the newest Vault from Calibur11.

There are rumors of a special that will be offered by Game Stop for $100 that will include the Battlefield 3 vault and a copy of the Battlefield 3 game. You stand to benefit from all of these new devices, and I cant wait to see the unit in person. Game on, game strong my friends!