Apex Legends Season 2 Launches

EA and Respawn’s battle royale extravaganza Apex Legends has started its second season, having launched with several changes on July 2nd.

The new season will run through October 1st and will see changes to the map, the appearance of leviathans, new weapons, and different cosmetic changes for players. The launch of the season happened simultaneously across the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC ecosystems, with gamers set to battle it out alongside their friends for complete victory in Kings Canyon.

The introduction of the leviathans sees the beasts stomping down on the map, destroying villages and potentially stomping on players. The change is striking, seeing how you’re duking it out with a bunch of other players, all while these huge monsters are walking without a care in the world, destroying swaths of land.

Other changes include new costumes and emotes, as well as new loading screens, jump music, and different weapons. A new legendary weapon known as the L-Star has also been included. Competitive players will also find that the developers have built in a ranked mode, grading you based on how well you do in matches.

Apex Legends launched earlier this year to rave reviews, but players quickly seemed to leave the game to go back to the likes of Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which have stood the test of time as being popular battle royale style games. Without a doubt, EA is hoping that season 2 will lure some of the old players back, while also getting them to drop some coin on the wildly profitable skins and emotes.