Rumored Switch Mini Console Leaked

Nintendo’s rumored Switch Mini console may have been spoiled, as accessory group Bigben had an image leaked of a silicone case for the console.

The image shows a Silicone Glove for the Switch Mini, which appears to be a smaller version of the popular Switch. The design appears to be more rounded than the boxy Switch, and it looks like the Joy-Con controllers are not detachable. The image leak doesn’t reveal whether or not the system would be dock-able, but if it is, you’d need an external controller like the Pro Controller to play.

Nintendo has long been coy about their plans to release new editions of the Switch, even while being rumored to be working on a smaller version as well as a technically more advanced model. Even though the Japanese game giant isn’t ready to lay their cards on the table, it does appear that a new model will be launching at some point this year.

New consoles will help keep Nintendo in a competitive position with Microsoft and Sony, whose Xbox Scarlett and PS5 consoles are set to be released sometime in 2020. A mini console will appeal more to children, while a Pro version would likely draw in older gamers who want better visual fidelity.

The Switch has proven to be a very successful endeavor for Nintendo, having sold more than 35 million units. The portable aspect of the console, along with hit titles like Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have helped Big N rebound from the dismal failure of the Wii U.

We’re looking forward to an official unveil from Nintendo and will be sure to let readers know when we learn more.