Assassin's Creed Bug

It's rare that DLC ever causes problems, and usually if any download content does happen to have a major bug or glitch, it's usually postponed until fixed. However, every now and then players will come across a bug that has slipped past the game testers, and at times it can be totally game-breaking.

This is certainly the case for Hidden Secrets, a new download content pack available for Assassins’ Creed 3.

Players that have downloaded the new DLC are complaining that after first playing the game after installing the DLC, the game has erased nearly all of the player's progress and hard work back to 0% completion

After a bit of investigating, players who have come across this glitch have noticed that not all progress has been erased.

Side mission progress has been kept, as well as stats and total time played within the game, however main missions, all in-game cash and courier mission progress has been erased, and for some, this may be frustrating enough not to play again, and it's unlikely that these players will have the chance to receive their saved files back again.

The Hidden Secrets DLC pack was first only available for season pass holders, but was then made available to everyone by December 11th.

What's also interesting is that this bug has only been noticed to happen on Xbox 360 consoles, although if you haven't downloaded the Hidden Secrets DLC yet, and don't want to take any risks, it may be best to wait till an official announcement by Ubisoft on the matter.

Are you one of the players that this happened to?