Win a Car

343 Industries have tried hard to create a lot of incentives to keep people playing Halo 4, but this new competition looks to be the biggest of them all.

Virgin Gaming have teamed up with 343 Industries to create a competition in which all you have to do to play a part is play Halo 4.

The biggest two prizes include a UNSC-themed Ford F-150 SVT Raptor truck and a cameo in an upcoming Halo game.

Other prizes include hundreds of Halo memorabilia, Halo DVDS, books, Mega Bloks, and pretty much anything else to do with Halo.

To be in with a chance of winning, you'll need to register your email at and then climb the ranks as quick as possible. There are different tier prizes, meaning that even if you don't have the time to reach tier 1, you may be able to reach tier 2 or 3.

On top of the tiered prizing structure, the first 20 players to complete the weekly challenge each week will be given a Halo 4 Master Chief T-shirt, Halo 4: Forward unto Dawn Blu Ray, and the Halo 4 OST.

If you're feeling confident enough to try your best in the competition, it's best to start playing now and keep track of your progress on Halo Waypoint. To get the most EXP as quick as possible, try to aim for completing the challenges and earning commendations, especially the weekly challenges, as you'll earn a chance to win more prizes if you're quick enough to complete them.

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