This past weekend, AT&T announced that it would be purchasing T-Mobile and that the two companies would be merging, all for the low price of $39 billion dollars.

Through this acquisition, AT&T will move far ahead in the game, and maybe people will stop hating everything AT&T does. Maybe. After the merger, AT&T will become the only GSM wireless provider in the USA, and taking over T-Mobiles network infrastructure will allow AT&T to be able to expand their 4G LTE network. As a result, coverage will increase vastly, allowing AT&T to be able to reach 95 percent of the US population – this will add 46.5 million subscribers to the companys database.

Look out Verizon! While I may love your service this is certainly interesting. As shown in the picture below (from, this is going to magnanimously increase coverage and cut down on the amount of dropped calls and static-y service.