Website leads to epic live-action recreation of Modern Warfare scenes

Yeah, so you, your friends, your friends' friends have probably thought the countdown site was going to be a upcoming preview of Modern Warfare 3, then all of a sudden,Activision comes in and says it isn't. So we wondered what the heck it was. Well the time was up and the site revealed something that Hollywood should learn from when it comes to making video game movies. Especially you, Uwe Boll, this is how you make a video game movie, unlike yourabominationsof Bloodrayne and FarCry. revealed itself to be two and a half minute trailer-like movie of Modern Warfare's best scenes recreated in high definition live action shots. The entire movie was made possible by Vancouver's "We Can Pretend" artist collective. Who I must say, did an Oscar-worthy recreation of one of the best series of this video game generation. The actors, the angles, the lighting. All perfect.

Even if you have the slightest bit of love for Modern Warfare, I highly suggest you give this piece of art your full attention. Click here to see the movie.