Portal 2's newest character addition is Jonah Jameson from Spiderman?

Seen here on this information released from PAX East, Valve's sequel to the masterpiece that is Portal, Portal 2, will feature some high quality voice acting, especially when that voice acting is coming from J.K. Simmons. J.K. Simmons is best known for playing roles such as President Ackerman in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, Jonah Jameson in all three of theSpiderman movies, and as of now, Cave Johnson, the CEO and mastermind behind Aperture Science in Portal 2. As if the game wasn't epic enough they gotta put one of this blogger's favorite actors in there.

If you watched the video in the link provided above, you'll notice that J.K. Simmons fits the bill as the voice of Cave Johnson. According to the footage, Portal 2 plays off thatCave Johnson is to be a genius yet a misinformed fool at the same time, a role that is all too familiar with Simmons. So looks like we can add another awesome character to the roster of Chell, GlaDOS, Wheatley, and the twin Co-Op Robots.

Portal 2 will be released for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Mac in North America on April 18, and then a few days later in both Europe and Australia.