Battlefield 3 DLC: Aftermath

Finally we get to hear about the 4th installment, "Aftermath", of the 5 DLCs that EA had planned out for Battlefield 3.

Here's a list of all BF3 DLC:

"Back to Karkand" released on the December of 2011,
"Close Quarters" released last month
"Armored Kill" will be available next September
"Aftermath" will be available in December
"End Game" will be available on March 2013

As stated above, Aftermath will be available this December although no exact dates have been mentioned. Regarding what to expect from this add-on, this is what the official site had to say:

"Set amongst the shattered districts, streets and surrounding Set amongst the shattered districts, streets and surrounding villages of a post-earthquake Tehran, Battlefield 3: Aftermath depicts a continuing struggle for supremacy and survival amongst the devastation.

With operational capacity severely compromised the opposing forces must adapt and engage in vertical and horizontal urban combat amongst the dust and rubble with cracks and fissures in the terrain providing unexpected cover and paths to objectives. Additional support comes in the form of heavily modified troop transports and civilian vehicles specially adapted to deliver deadly force to the enemy."

So basically the "Aftermath" takes place in Iran and Tehran which have been devastated by an earthquake. We will be getting to fight both "horizontally" and "vertically", and will be taking cover in the "cracks and fissures caused by the earthquake". Well this already makes the gameplay sound real interesting doesn't it?

What the DLC includes:
-4 new maps
-1 new game mode
-New dog tag, assignments and achievements
-Heavily modified troop transports and civilian vehicles

As you guys can see that there was nothing mentioned about new weapons with this expansion. When asked about this there was an official reply saying that "Armored Kill" will not be having any new weapons but, "Aftermath" will have some. Nice!

Also, as with all other DLC, PS3 players will be getting access to this a week before PC and Xbox 360 players. As you know, all the DLC are available for individual purchase but there is also the BF3 Premium Service which will give you access to all DLC for a ONE TIME payment of $49.99.

The Premium Services offers a pretty big saving if you are planning on getting all DLC anyways and has been very successful as it raked in over 800,000 subscribers within 2 weeks of its launch. Not that surprising since Premium Service subscribers received a wealth of additional bonuses (double XP weekends, new in-game weapons, new dog tags etc.) along with all 5 DLCs.

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