Japanese Car SiteCliccar Roams the Streets of Tokyo in a Real Life Game of Mario Kart

Two writers from the Japanese car siteCliccar decided to get out of their usual business attire for a while and have some fun. How did they do that? Well how about getting two street legalX-Karts and roam the streets of Tokyo as both Mario and Luigi in a real life game of Super Mario Kart (minus the banana throwing and shell tossing).

These karts are priced at ¥ 379,800 (US$4,900) and are designed as "mini sports cars". The "mini sports cars" are weighing in at only 95 kilograms (209 pounds), sport an engine that can move at a standard top speed of 55 kph (35 mph), but can be modified to go over 80 kph (50 mph). However, if you were to acquired one of these in Japan, you'd have to possess a driver's license.

The two Mario and Luigi cosplaying writers drove through various parts of Tokyo (mainly sticking to parts of Shibuya) and gathered a lot of attention from crowds of residents, commuters, and tourists. All while dodging through traffic and avoiding being crushed by trucks and taxis.

After watching these two writers, I kind of want to break out my old Mario cosplay and get a go-kart myself. Only thing is, I don't think the highway patrol would like the idea of a Mario cosplayer throwing bananas at Honda Civics on the 202 outbound to Los Angeles.

If you wish to see the video and more details of these two real life mario kart fans, head on over to Kotaku for details, and see for yourself. Come to think of it, didn't I mentioned something of areal life Mario Kart in a previous blog?