Various Reviewers Across the Internet Voicing their Opinions aboutBattlefield 3.

The day after a game's release can sometimes make or break a company, even big companies like EA. Metacriticis usually flooded with reviews and opinions from various review sites like Joystiq,,GameInformer, and many others. Thanks toKotaku'sFrankenreviewonBattlefield 3, we can see a more detailed look and explanation of the reviews and ratings the critics have given. ForBattlefield 3, it's been general positive for all platforms (PC, Xbox 360, and PS3) with a few bumps and constructive criticism.


Game Informer have described that Rush, TeamDeathmatch, and the squad variants are very solid modes. While these are great modes to play, with the return of 64-player matches, Conquest is the one that stands out when it comes to multiplayer. Lag is never encounter(unlike the BETA), even in huge 64-player battles competing for one flagged area. With the size of the of the maps, variety of vehicles, and overall scale of Conquest, it makes great opportunities for moments that couldn't be recreated again.

JOYSTIQ- 90/100

Battlefield 3's campaign is unlike any other, according to Joystiq. It isn't just a straight line, it's tactically linear with various firefightscenarios unfolding in the same way. The reason for this is due to that it seems the AIarelimitedto a predetermined range. UnlikeBad Company 2's system of blowing holes in walls to make a new route, in Battlefield 3, all environmental destruction is cosmetic or scripted.

Joystiq points out thatits notreallyBF3'sfault, as they are sort offollowing theformula set by Modern Warfare 3. Instead of making something of their own, they failed at recreating Modern Warfare 3's method of laying out a single player campaign. Still, the game received a 90/100. - 83/100

The review at praised Battlefield 3 while giving it some criticism that could help them in future titles. They discussed while the game's single player campaign iscompetent, it didn't live up the expectations in its eight-hour run when compared to titles likeCall of Duty orGeneration Kill. While they don't recommendBattlefield 3 for single-player experience, you should get it for the multiplayer alone.The multiplayer's modes and experience is unlike any other and far outweigh the negatives of the game.

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