Console Price Drop

Following the new and reasonably priced super ultra slim PS3, Microsoft and Nintendo have both taken their turns to revise their pricing to better close the gap between them and Sony.

It's clear that the three console suppliers still believe that the current gen consoles still have a healthy life span remaining, and even with Nintendo's new Wii U releasing later this year, they're still focusing on the original Wii, and with a new price of $129, $20 less than its current price tag, it's likely many bargain hunting Christmas shoppers will be focusing on it too. The newly priced Wii will be in black and will include Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

Microsoft has also crunched down on their prices, dropping their most popular bundles by a massive $50. For $249 you'll be able to choose between a 250GB console bundled with Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Forza Motorsport 4, or a 4GB version with the Kinect sensor, Kinect Adventures, and Disney Adventures.

The new Wii prices will be available on October 28th, and will be followed by the Wii U's release on November 18th, as well as Microsoft's new bundle price changes following shortly after. The new super slim 250GB and 500GB PS3 models are already out, and it's looking like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are working hard to provide equal experiences for both casual gamers and more serious gamers.

Thinking of getting an upgrade? Keep an eye on the new prices later to come this year.